Bankstats tables

These datasets provide more detailed breakdowns and longer time series of some of the data we publish in our statistical releases, alongside other statistics we compile.


This data consists of: money and lending; monetary financial institutions' balance sheets; further analyses of deposits and lending; external business of banks operating in the UK, public sector debt and the money markets (including gilt repo and stock lending); sterling commercial paper, other debt securities, capital issues; financial derivatives and interest and exchange rates.

Bankstats tables

2024 release dates

  • 2 April 2024 (February 2024 data)
  • 30 April 2024 (March 2024 data)
  • 31 May 2024 (April 2024 data)
  • 1 July 2024 (May 2024 data)
  • 29 July 2024 (June 2024 data)
  • 30 August 2024 (July 2024 data)
  • 30 September 2024 (August 2024 data)
  • 29 October 2024 (September 2024 data)
  • 29 November 2024 (October 2024 data)
  • 3 January 2025 (November 2024 data)
  • 30 January 2025 (December 2024 data)

If you have an enquiry regarding Bankstats data, email:

Charging policy

If an external request for data cannot be answered by referring to existing published sources such as: Bankstats, Statistical Releases (free), annual Statistical Abstract, Financial Statistics (ONS publication) or the Internet pages; Data and Statistics Division (DSD) may be able to provide such data on an ad-hoc basis. 

In such cases DSD will provide these data free of charge for customers from Central Government (HMT, ONS and other UK government departments), International Organisations (BIS, Eurostat, EMI, IMF, OECD, etc) and other Central Banks or Governments.  For other customers DSD reserves the right to make a reasonable charge, agreed in advance, and based on the resource cost, should it incur significant costs in providing the requested data normally exceeding one half of a person day.

*SA = seasonally adjusted
*NSA = not seasonally adjusted

Money and lending

Monetary financial institutions' balance sheets, income and expenditure