Community forums

We work with community organisations to hold events so we can listen to what people think about economic issues like pay and housing.

We’re listening

We work for everyone in the United Kingdom. So it’s important we understand how the decisions we make are affecting people from all backgrounds.

We team up with local charities and community groups to give a voice to those groups who might not otherwise have the chance to talk to us.

What we’ve learnt

We’ve been holding our community forums (formerly known as town halls) since 2017. In that time we’ve travelled around the UK and listened to hundreds of people.

After each one, we write about what you told us. You can also see some pictures from the events and some cartoons which illustrate the topics that were discussed.

Can you help us host a local event?

If your community organisation is interested in helping us host an event in your area, please email

This page was last updated 17 July 2024