Youth voice

Our youth engagement helps us stay connected with what matters to young people in the UK.

Listening to young people 

We want to know what young people think about issues like jobs, the future of money, financial education and how we communicate. This helps us understand the economy better. 

That’s important because the work we do affects everyone in the UK. So we need to hear about the experiences of people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Bank of England’s youth engagement changed in 2023 to feature a series of Youth Panels held across the UK, where we hear from people between 16 and 19 years old. This helps us engage with young adults, who we have struggled to reach through other means in the past. By listening to them, we can gain insight on a range of issues, from the policies we make to how we should communicate with this age group. 

By getting involved, young people can gain confidence and improve their communication skills by sharing their views and listening to those of others. 

In 2023 we held Youth Panels in the UK where we heard from young people at St Joseph’s School in Newport, Wales (pictured below), Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form in Great Yarmouth and Legacy Youth Zone In Croydon. 

We also heard from young people at St Francis Xavier Sixth Form in Clapham about the difficulties facing the UK economy through our new Horizon Scanning Challenge.

Pictured above, students at St Joseph’s school in Newport, talking to Huw Pill, Chief Economist for the Bank of England.
This page was last updated 04 April 2024